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Re: Hello and such

Are you still under "Hello and such" ??

>One thing that concerns me, design wise, is the real-time performance of
>the mac/pc while its handling lots of I/O, audio processing, and disk
>accesses. The reaction time is critical in looping, and desktop os's are
>not designed for this.

True problem. No time to read a block first from the HD.

>This is a key reason why I'm much more interested in designing the 
>looper as rack gear specifically designed for these tasks. Then you have
>much more control over the real time performance, and can optimize busses
>for good audio/dsp performance. And you can include the appropriate I/O to
>meet looping needs, have very good quality audio, professional jacks, a
>rugged chassis, etc. Also, it would be a simple matter to include
>networking interfaces to hook it up to your pc for expanded control
>interfaces. I think this can be done at a reasonable cost, easily in line
>with what other quality audio processors cost.

And a SCSI port to save the loops?