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Re: Unidentified subject!

>>>>Ray Peck said:
>>>>>I have a recording, which I made myself, of Eno discussing "It's Gonna
>>>>>Rain", and explaining that that's where he got the idea, which was
>>>>>passed on to Fripp.
>>>>So your recording is very interesting. Would you mind to write down the
>>>>dedicated part so we can post it?
>>>I'll try to get to it.  Eno's said this on a number of occasions.  I
>>>might have an audio version on-line.
>>>BTW, it's be (far) easier for me to actually put the recording up than
>>>to transcribe it.
>>This would be nifty for the web page. Does anyone know how to put 
>>stuff on a web site? Better yet, does anyone want to figure it out, do
>>whatever it takes to put the eno file in RealAudio format, and send it to
>>me for uploading?
>I thought Shockwave was the latest sound format? Text would still be the
>most immediate...

jeez, and I work in this industry. How is anyone supposed to keep up....


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