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Re: More JamMan tricks

>>I've been meaning to try something like this for a long time. I really 
>>a looper to have an effects loop in the feedback path so I can have my
>>loops change in some way with each pass.
>Ugh, they don't allow this?  Not even the Echoplex?
>>The downside is
>>the unintentional effect of passing the loop through A/D / D/A 
>They could supply the effects in/out as digital s/pdif, which wouldn't
>add much to the base cost.  You could go right through an effects unit
>with digital in/out, and they could sell an add-on A/D D/A box for
>people with analogue effects that want to use this technique.

sp/dif means two extra ic's, neither of which are very cheap, two extra
connectors and rear panel space, extra board area, clock oscillator, and
various passive components. On a low volume product, (anything in the music
industry is low volume) this can mean adding anywhere from $40 to $80 to
the list price of the product. Most effects boxes don't use digital audio,
those that do are mostly high-end and use aes/ebu (sp/dif is a consumer
format), which is more expensive. Big hit for something that 99% of the
current market will never use. See how hard this stuff is? Its a wonder
anything gets made....


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