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Re: Vortex queries


Figured I'd add my 2 cents on the Vortex....which just arrived last night! 

My initial response was on of disappointment.  "Does this thing do
anything?"  I soon realized that it helps to have it patched into the mixer

With a nice ambient loop looping in the JamMan I set about spinning the
dials on the Vortex to see what it could do.  Two hours later I concluded
that the Vortex is a nifty little box (can't beat it for a 150 bucks).  My
favorite patch is the Deja Vu (b)....which is a looper.  When used in
conjunction with the JamMan (set in Echo mode) you can get some really cool
loops happening that are always changing.  Nice.  The Reflexion 1 patch
(when tweaked) is cool too.

Someone asked where in the signal chain we place our looper of choice and
various processors.  Here's what I'm doing....  My Digitech GSP-2101
pre-amp feeds my Rane SM-82 mixer.  The right effect send of the Rane feeds
the JamMan (which is routed to channels 1 and 2) and the left effect send
feeds the Vortex (outputs routed to the effects return).  In this way the
Vortex can process both the guitar and the loop simultaneously.....or one
and not the other.

Anyway....back to looping.....


King Never   http://www.ecst.csuchico.edu/~finley/kingnever.html
Matthew F. McCabe
Able Cain
King Never
Marathon Records