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Re: More JamMan tricks

>>>> Dave- I tried it and loved it but as Jon Durant pointed out it is a 
>>>> that you can't loop it and play over it without adding what you are 
>>>> to the echo. Thanks anyway because I had not thought of using the 
>>>> like that and it does give a different approach to the looping.
>>That is a bummer. I didn't realize the jamman couldn't do that.
>I guess maybe I don't understand the issue, since I'm not familiar
>with the Jamman.  If the problem is that you want to play over the
>echo without adding to the echo, why not add a footswitch to bypass
>around the box?  Better yet, a 1-into-2 fader, where one output goes
>directly to your mixer, and one goes through the jamman to the mixer?
>That way you could have very quiet "echos" of your solos loop along as
>you continued "non-loop playing".

This is how we did it with the Roland 3000, tc 2290, PCM42, and then the
dedicated machine came...
To have a signal only looped I did not find usefull.
I sometimes used a volume pedal for the input of the loop so I could play a
note and fade it into the loop so it would come back without attack. This
is nice, because you can play a clear, attacky melody and "digest" its
fundamental note into a smooth loop.
But then again, the more options you have, the more you have to control...

>>I've been meaning to try something like this for a long time. I really 
>>a looper to have an effects loop in the feedback path so I can have my
>>loops change in some way with each pass.

>Ugh, they don't allow this?  Not even the Echoplex?

Ahem, well, ...

>>The downside is
>>the unintentional effect of passing the loop through A/D / D/A 
>They could supply the effects in/out as digital s/pdif, which wouldn't
>add much to the base cost.  You could go right through an effects unit
>with digital in/out, and they could sell an add-on A/D D/A box for
>people with analogue effects that want to use this technique.

... as you recognized, the feedback is an internal digital thing, and a
analog FB loop would be costy, but a digital one - something to think
The A/D D/A box to it, I do not see would be commercially possible.

The loop machine we dream of, ofcourse would contain its own effects and
manners to control them in a way it makes sense. I the 'Plex sells
decently, this will be possible.