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Re: Vortex queries

On Sep 23,  7:04am, Clark Battle wrote:
> RE: Torn at Troy.
> My guess is that much of your audience will be from
> RPI.  Its probably a good idea to post ads on bulletin
> boards up there.  There are probably quite a few fans
> there.  Do you know if he's playing around Philly sometime?
> Clark
>-- End of excerpt from Clark Battle

This gig at the Troy Musical Hall was a David Lindley gig (and it turns out
to be a blessing for iEAR(integrated electronic arts at rensselaer poly)
Don't know if he's on his way to philly cheez. Does anyone have an address
for Tornschedulingphenomena?

iEAR has a program called EAPS(electronic artist performance series) that 
lucky enough to be a part of. We had Mark Dresser recently, Larry Austin 
week and the list go's.
if any of you folks are in the area you'd be welcome just drop me a line.
there are many future hopeful artists


ps: my rig includes a modified DEP-5, jamman, rockman chorus delay for
feedback delay triggers and stereo sep for the effects returns on a 
acoustic amp... along with custom multi output guitars and gr-1, sansamps,
wahs valumes etc.
I'm not entirely happy with the marshall except that it travels easily.
anyone using portable stereo multi-input beautifully clean amplification?
If I don't find one I'll do an independant study in electrical engineering
and design something. also, there is a plastics dept. and acoustical 
my main goal is pure sound and portablility.