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                        Andre and fellow looppeople

        This sounds like a great idea - count me in..


P.S.  Thanks for sharing your music with us the other night.


t 02:56 PM 10/31/96 -0800, you wrote:
>Peeples --
>I've been thinking about this since I started compiling submissions for 
>the profile list, and now I want to see what y'all think about it.
>The idea is this: To try and stage some sort of live gathering of loop
>artists.  Once again, I'm taking a cue from the Stick community, who
>organized a "Stick Night" at the Iguana here in LA a couple of years ago. 
>Seeing as there are so many loopists based in California, it seems to me
>that it would be feasible to try and arrange some sort of multi-artist
>gathering/performance thing.  The results could even be recorded and
>distributed for posterity. 
>So what do you people think?  Is there sufficient interest and ability
>among those of us on the West Coast to try to arrange a regional meeting
>and performance?  Who would be into it?  Where would be the best location,
>both in terms of travel logistics and in terms of finding an appropriate
>venue?  For that matter, what sort of venue should we consider? 
>(And beyond that, is there a concentration of loopists in some other part 
>of the country where a different regional performance could be staged?)
>OK, your turn.  Tell me what you all think about this.  My feeling is, 
>there are enough of us concentrated in a relatively local orientation 
>that something like this really should be tried.
>'Till next time,
>--Andre (West Coast edition)