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interesting thoughts...

> it would STILL be interesting to see if a "non-artist" or "non-musician"
> audience could indeed "compose" something of merit using this method.
> i guess (as I think Matthias does too) that it would be more cacophony 
> anything...........
this is more likely than anything else, but who knows ... depends on the
audience, and on the software. An intelligently constructed software should
be able to take care of that somehow, filter cacophony, or subtly lead the
audience to some more consonance. I doubt that I will live to see this, but
I'd bet any sum that the music of the future (50 or 100 years from now) 
be *completely* different from what it is now, and that its level of 
sophistication will also possibly allow for some kind of audience
participation. At least the software will be intelligent enough for really
interesting computer generated music, and generative music based on genetic
algorithms. Brian Eno sees the beginning of this in the Koan software which
he began to use last year, with interesting results.
I heard that Todd Rundgren used some kind of device in his 'No World Order'
tour which enabled the audience to influence the music ... don't know how
it worked though. Did anyone see this?
-Michael P