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Re: MIDI Loops

> >> Paolo helps:
> >> >I used an Opcode Max patch that had eight delay lines, each of which
> >> >pitch-shifted to a different interval and each of which had it's own
> >> >"seed" number to multiply with the input MIDI velocity value to 
> >> >a delay time.
> >>
> >> So you choose any time into which delay you want to load and can 
>change its
> >> "seed" number and Feedback while playing and stay synced between all 
> >> lines, if you want. Yes?
> >
> >With my particular patch, no, but Max would let you add whatever 
> >you need to do the job. For example, a fader object to adjust the
> >"seed" for each delay line could be connected.
> Yes, I see. And then another object measures time between two Controller
> comands and feeds "seed" so you can control it by taping, right?

Yes, Max offers several objects that have the capability of measuring the
time between two successive controller messages.

> >If you fail to find a Max
> >object in the included object library supplied with Max to do a 
> >job, you can write up your own in C.
> Me? No. Did you? Does it require additional compiling soft or licence?

I have not written my own, but my requirements were relatively simple. I
know of an entire intepretive language encoded into a single Max object
(the Pyrite object) because someone felt he needed it.  I don't recall
the licensing details, however.

Paolo Valladolid
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