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Re: Wishlist Item # 971: Expand the Library

Josh anounced:

>The Library window becomes DECK's main window, and allows the tracking of
>all kinds of different data types.  We will allow multiple libraries to be
>open at once, with many sort functions.

This is a good step toards my old wish of "modular recording":

- The clock from a looping unit or sequencer could automatically snip the
library into "slices" of some rythmical unit (8 bars for example). Those
could then be rearranged easily.

- The library could have a "clone" function that alows to automatically
repeat a library item onto a track - the easyest way to lay down a
background over a longer, defined period.

The combination of these two features allows to quickly "compose", using
ideas of a free recording or selecting the best of several takes:
The musician keeps playing the same bit until he reaches one perfect
turnaround. This is cloned, maybe with other parts inserted, to form the
To create a solo for example, the background slice is looped until the
musician feels fine with a version, which then can be placed anywhere in
the library and will fit rythmically.

The "slice" and "clone" features also will simplify the rearanging of loop
music a lot.

And there is a lot more in this direction!

Thanks for listening