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This is wierd

OK, I just got a copy of the FAQ in my box.  Talk about prompt service.

However, it was sent from my own account.  Or so the ID on the message 
says.  Now, am I just in the midst of a karmic synergy that has caused 
the FAQ to magically materialize in my INBOX less than a minute after 
requesting it (and before the request has even bounced back to me from 
the listserv), or is there somebody out there having a bit of programming 
fun?  (It should go without saying that I did not, in fact, send myself a 
copy of the document which I did not have a copy of in the first place.)

Might I ask that the clever party come forth, or at least refrain from 
such clandestine behavior in the future.  I do appreciate the FAQ 
document, but I'm not a big fan of people pulling Port-25 maneuvers and 
the like.

Still scratching my head over this one,