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Re: How about a Loopers-Delight CD?

Stew Benedict writes:
>I've got access to a CD burner, but don't have software for audio CD's.
>I'd be running on a DOS/Win 3.11 platform if it makes a difference.

See www.mainstream.com/~jarnold/cdrom  He sells it for $65.  It's
actually more powerful than what I use, in that it can do continuous
tracks with changing track numbers (i.e., you don't need gaps between
songs).  In fact, this feature is why I need to spend $400 on
Masterlist for the Mac.

I'd burn on my PC, but I don't have SCSI for it, and it's just a
general pain in the ass for me.  All my music tools are on the Mac,
and it would be a pain for me to have to ftp everything over to the PC
to burn CDs all the time.