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Re: who controls the mix of the loops?

RA336 said:

>Best thing to do though is have your own
>sound man, as a house guy who is unfamiliar with your act will have nary a
>clue as to what sound is coming from where...

This is a serious question, maybe another subject for the Hints.
I guess you have the loopers with you on stage. So each player does his own

- everyone does his own mix and sends it to the front, where the sound man
mixes as he thinks appropriate. This is where having someone who knows what
is supposed to be happening is a good idea...

And the monitoring?

- in my group, everyone monitors onstage

Did anyone try to leave the looper at the mixing desk, use it for several
instruments with aux sends?

- sometimes, with a real hip and well rehearsed sound man, this can happen.
He would probably need to be more or less a band member in that case; he's
contributing a little more on a musical level at that point...

Any experiences or sugestions?

- figure out the best way to monitor- especially for the drummer- and you 
practically there...
it's all in hearing what others are doing...