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Re:Jam Man Odd Time Signatures

On Wed, 27 Nov 1996, Ed Drake wrote:

> The Jam man only syncs up to 3,4 6,8,12,16,24 MIDI quarter notes in a 
> I couldn't believe it didn't sync up to at least a few fairly common odd
> times other than 3 such as 5,7, and maybe even 11 and 13.

The fact that the JamMan fails to recognize 11/8 is alone and of itself 
evidence of the unit's inferiority.  ;-[

(No flames, people!  I'm having some fun here...)

Seriously, it's really unfortunate that it can't read 5, 7, 9, or 11 (the 
hardest-grooving odd meters, IMHO).  

> One question for you 'Plexers , do any of you use MIDI instead of the
> footswitch to control your Echoplexes .
> I'm sure the MIDI implementation is extensive for the 'Plex but I  
> heard any of you talk much about it.

I've used the Plex synced up to a sequencer to record loops that are 
tightly quantized to the beginning and end points of a bar (or bars), 
including those in odd meter.  Record a riff, reverse it at will, and 
you've practically got a tune right there.

There are some fairly recent additions on the web site regarding Echoplex 
MIDI implementation.  Check it out.