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Re: Vortex Alert and formal delurk

At 05:09 AM 11/30/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Just in case someone still wants one, the Guitar Center "December Deal
>Days" catalog announces a "Last Chance On Lexicon Price Breakthrough!"
>on the Vortex at $149.99.  Presumably, they have enough left to warrant
>the catalog space.  They also advertise the DOD DFX94 4-second
>sampler/delay stompbox for $120-- can anyone give a real-world review
>of this unit?  Is it worth the money?

As a newly de-lurking reader, could someone kindly fill me in on the 
I have been using a JamMan w/32 sec upgrade since spring and would like to
know how the Vortex compares, differs, etc. I almost got the Vortex instead
of the JamMan but my income tax return only allowed for one or the other,
and a sudden price shift in the Musicians Friend catalog decided it for me,
but I have often wondered what I missed out on. I am assuming, due to their
absence from recent catalogs and remarks made on this list, that the Vortex
is an endangered species. Any info would be appreciated.

erik reid simpson