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Re: Vortex

Mickey Angel and Dave Stagner raised questions about expression pedals
for the Vortex.

Not owning one or having the money for one, I converted a mono volume
pedal for the purpose by inserting the mono plugs of a stereo Y-cord
into the pedal, and the stereo plug into the Vortex.  Works fine. :-)
If it doesn't work at first (it didn't for me), swap the mono plugs.

Dave wrote, in part:

>If you find a good expression pedal, let us know, okay?  I'm currently
>using a modified ADA expression pedal, but I can't get it to sweep
>completely from 1-64.  Generally, it doesn't go below 12-13 at the low
>end, which is irritating.

That would drive me crazy-- my current favorite Vortexture is a strong,
simple rhythmic loop in Deja Vu B with Envelope set (by pedal) to 3 or 4,
letting a wash of sound build up gradually.

You might be able to fix your ADA pedal just by opening it up, loosening
the pot's retaining nut and rotating the pot so that it cuts off

Since the low end of the control range is so important to me, I'm
contemplating adding a fixed resistor in series with the top end of
the pot, along with a bypass switch so I can have it both ways.  As
it is now, I have much more accurate control over the top end.

John                              Email:  johnpollock@delphi.com
Troubador Tech on the Web--http://people.delphi.com/johnpollock/