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Acoustic Loopers?

Hi fellow loopers,

I really enjoy all the technical experience reflected here and the wide
variety of looping done in various musical contexts.  Are there any
dedicated acoustic guitar loopers out there?  I'd like to hear your ideas.

I've been experimenting with acoustic looping for some time, but I've only
used electric guitars for live looping in my concerts.  This last weekend,
I took the plunge and showed up for a solo gig with acoustics only.  It
turned out great, and I'm considering doing it exclusively in the future. 
My acoustics are wired up with both piezo and magnetic pickups, and I was
able to switch from fingerstyle acoustic to Frippish distortion in mid song
without the howling feedback I'd anticipated.  I like the response of an
acoustic and the ability to "dig in" to the strings fingerstyle (you have
to be too gentle on an electric).

I was always primarily an acoustic fingerstyle player (like Kottke, Hedges,
Fahey, etc.) but I have enjoyed the improvisational freedom offered by
looping.  I'm excited about the success of the marriage of loops and
acoustic guitar, not to mention that I haven't had that much fun with an
acoustic guitar in months!

By the way, if you're new to the list, or new to looping, see my website
for a graphic of my live performance setup.

Greg West

//Six-String Arts/"Recording the Art of the Modern Guitar//