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Re[2]: Vortex features?


> I've asked this before. About 3 times.  Please, _someone_ answer!  

Really?  I don't remember.  Sorry.

> How do you change patches on the Vortex if it doesn't have MIDI?  If it's
> supposedly a performance-based processor how do you change patches during
> performance? Is it just by up/down pedals, or what???

The unit has jacks for momentary footswitches.  One footswitch comes with
the unit.  The one I have set-up has the A footswitch set to morph from A
to B on a given patch.  The B footswitch is set to be the tap tempo delay

The other jack allows for another two button footswitch.  One allows for
advancing upwards in patches (i.e. from 0 to 16).  The other allows for
bypass of the unit altogether.

How do you play it in a performance situation?  Well, I have a patch for
effect #2 on the unit so that A and B are two different sounds - I use the
A patch for clean rhythm sounds and solo sounds, and the B patch I use with
various delay times for clean drone or synth type sounds for guitar.

If I need chorus (10) or doubling (8) I walk over to my rack between tunes
and set it there - kind of unweildy so far.

I do not yet have a second footswitch for advancing through the presets,
although that will come since, as I said, it is unweildy.

There's also a way-cool jack that allows you to control the channel 
switching of your amplifier (or preamp or whatever) just by moving from
A to B - that's very cool.  I can press one footswitch and have my
pre-amp move from rhythm to lead and simultaneously set the vortex to
move to a sound appropriate for it.

I also need an expression pedal - I'm looking at the rolls as being the
most economical.

I'd also love a second vortex before they vanish from the face of the earth
since my ART SGE is now pretty much defunct (all the digital stuff blew up
when my lil' studio got a lightning hit, everything else was fine - but it
makes a horrid 60hz sound now).

Todd Madson.

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