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Re: Vortex features?

>I've asked this before. About 3 times.  Please, _someone_ answer!  
>How do you change patches on the Vortex if it doesn't have MIDI?  If it's
>supposedly a performance-based processor how do you change patches during
>performance? Is it just by up/down pedals, or what???

There are two ways to change patches on the Vortex, either by turning the 
knob on the front panel, or connecting a momentary-contact switch to the 
back panel.  With the momentary switch (Lexicon includes a flimsy one 
with the Vortex, which can also be used to switch between the A and B 
presets in each patch), you can increment up the patch number, once with 
each press of the switch.  It rolls over at 16, going back to 1.  There's 
no way to increment down.

For performance purposes, I prefer to keep an expression pedal connected, 
which allows me to morph between the A and B presets dynamically.  If I 
want to switch patches, I use my hand.  

Travis Hartnett