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Re: Vortex problems...

>Thanks for the explanations. Maybe i'll have to unscrew the unit... I
>could have a spare pot of the machine, only i'm not so easy with it.

Is it realy a pot? Or a switch?

>don't dare too much taking the solder into it to replace the pot. I know
>that if I have statics on the bench, I may kill my unit, and i don't know
>how to remove statics when running the solder thing.

Thats not really hot. If you touch the unit and the iron before using, you
are almost done. If you want more security, connect the ground of the iron
to the ground of the machine. Then it is important to to touch a
disconnected pin of a connected chip, but thats hard to happen anyway.
In all those years of soldering I did not manage to destroy anything with
static charge, and I was not very carefull.

>And yes, I step on the idea of having th emchine
>for 150$ (in fact with shipping it was 234$) wich is anyway less than the
>equivalent of 550 bucks of the unit here (would you believe it!). That is
>the deal: half the price, half the presets....

Dont give up too quickly :-)