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Re: Ridiculous Echoprice & software

Dave Trenkel wrote, in part,

>on another subject, does anyone have any experience with the cheapo
>samplers that Roland, Yamaha, and (I think) Akai are coming out with?

Or with DJ mixers?  From catalog listings, I've noticed that quite
a few of these include sampling capability.  I'm sure they don't
loop, in the sense of overdubbing, but some offer fairly long delay
times.  It seems like they might offer fairly good bang for the buck,
by combining a stereo line mixer, one or two mic preamps, and the
delay.  The question is, can the hardware be hacked to allow footswitch
control of the sampling functions?

John                                     (johnpollock@delphi.com)
Troubador Tech on the Web-- http://people.delphi.com/johnpollock/