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Re: Echoplex power-up weirdness

On Wed, 18 Dec 1996, T.W. Hartnett wrote:

> >>I've had my Echoplex for about a week now, and just about everytime I
> >>turn it on, the front panel lights will flicker about in a random 
> >> If I turn it on and off three or four times, it's fine.  Any ideas?
> >
> >I don't know, it sounds a bit sick.
> Groan.  I'm loathe to send it for service, given what I've heard about 
> Oberheim's service department.  Any advice on arm-twisting to get it 
> quickly (two weeks or less)?

What about exchanging the unit for a different (ideally healthy) one from 
the place you purchased from?  That'd be a lot safer than sending it to 
Oberheim, I'd wager.

Incidentally, I noticed a sporadic wierdness upon power-up for the first 
two or three months that I owned my Plex; about once every ten or twenty 
times it'd start getting spastic when I switched it on.  Since those 
first two or three months, I haven't encountered the problem since.