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Re: looping /GIG!

here's a good example of someone setting about utilizing heavy-duty and
cross-discipline multiple looper guys in a fairly unusual context:

Torn is on his way to Japan to work with Ryuichi Sakamoto... he will
improvise (and loop) alongside djSpooky (scratching and looping what-not) 
Ryuichi (piano) in front of a hand-picked 70 piece orchestra playing a new
orchestral work by Sakamoto which is about *salvation*...
this will be a many-leveled and multi-media event using video and will be
taped for broadcast...
there's also (i understand) a plan to send RS's piano performance out live
over the internet as midi information for people to mess with...
sounds fabulous, na?

best wishes to all loopers for the season and the coming year!
Robby Aceto