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Re: looping techniques (was Re:Beyond Fripp)

>>Think about this: When a musician first learns how to play a G major 
>>do they immediately unleash a torrent of hip altered-G post-bob lines?
>Is that post-bob as in post- Bob Fripp?

After 3am, I start developing verticle pyslexia...

>> Those weren't the folks who brought us the electric guitar lexicon we 
>> today!
>Well I have a guitar lexicon.  I thought you used an Oberheim.
>(Sorry, couldn't resist.  It's Christmas)


>BTW one way of changing the structure - of possibly the precieved tempo -
>is to loop your chords but not your bassline (I guess most people do it 
>other way around).  By changing the phrasing of the bassline you can
>achieve dramatic shifts without changing loop length or anything.  I 
>up on this when Glass' "Spaceship" from Einstein on the Beach was played 
>the radio.  The piece builds in intensity without ever adding more
>instruments, just by varying the organ part beneath a "looped" choral 
> Very impressive.

That's a cool idea. When I think about it, jazz players do that all the
time. Have to give it a try, thanks...


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