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Re: dj loopers

At 7:04 PM 12/30/96, Dave Trenkel wrote:
>>>>And since the dj subject has tentatively resurfaced, does anyone know 
>>>>dj types that would be interested in joining the list? There is a whole
>>>>world of looping in that genre, with an assortment of well developed
>>>>techniques not found in the soundscape/guitar-loop variety that tends 
>>>>get focused on here. I think some articulate dj types could give us a 
>>>>interesting (and probably needed) perspective.
>>>The liner-notes to DJ Spooky's records have some pretty interesting
>>>thoughts on the african influence on the sampling/looping/manipulating
>>>esthetic. Would it be a breach of copyright for me to quote some here?
>>I think its ok to quote it, although probably iffy to reproduce the whole
>>thing. I'd love to see it. He doesn't happen to list an email address or
>>anything, does he? Maybe we could just ask him. Even better, maybe we 
>>get him to join the list....
>no e-mail on his records. His label (Asphodel) is at
>I'm especially thinking of some material from the 40-some page book that
>accompanies his "Death in the Light of the Phonograph" disc. I'll type up
>the quotes when I get some time, next week probably.

Also on that site is a text by Paul Miller (DJ Spooky). I can't tell you
anything about it yet, because I'm just starting to read it, but you can
see it yourself at:



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