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Re: Hi! all, and head to head loop comparason?

Trevor asked:

>What are the big differences between the JamMan and Echoplex? What does
>the Echoplex
>have that you can't live without?

I created a Plex-JM comparison file, two years ago. I guess its available
at Oberheim. We could also put it on the site, maybe.
But since JamMan is not available any more...?
So far I will send it attached to you, Trevor and to Kim and Michael for
It gives some technical comparison, but I feel that does not really say it.
Since I am not neutral and never tried the JamMan, I am not going to say
more about it.
On the site, there is a lot of information, somewhat spread, maybe.

Take your time to avaliate.
Its like buying a new instrument you are not able to play yet.