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Re: JamMan Rumors (attempt 2!)

Michael writes:

>I think we have enough talent here to build the ultimate looper.  I mean 
have the Plex design team, the JamMan marketer, contacts with all the 
players (I mean all you "I demonstrated to Robert Fripp" types) and >an 
idea of what the box should do (since we all use them).  All we >need is 
to know
whether there exists a market for such a box (or whether >it's viable to 
one for the few we know that want 'em - like everyone
>here..) and how much of a commitment we need from the contributors.  I'm
>sure there are a few here who'd get involved.  Any takers?

It's funny; I've been kicking the idea around in my head for a while. 
Given my
present state of trying to build a record label, it's impossible for me to
consider getting actively involved in (another) start-up venture. On the 
hand, I'd really want to be involved. 

The big issue is: is there a market out there? So far the returns on 
etc have indicated not. If someone asked me if I'd be involved in a 
company that
made *only* looping devices, I'd say no. Too risky. But a new 
company with a little bit of creative vision *is* a real option. Consider 
many people hate Digitech/Alesis/etc but still buy the stuff anyway. Well, 
if someone new came in and answered the issues, made the right products at 
right prices. Thought about the user for a change. Hmmm....