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hex fuzz

Kevin and Michael contributed ...

>Michael Wrote...
>> Would there be a market for the Hex Fuzz simulator - 10 narrow bandpass
>> filters with fuzz ccts following, so that if you play a chord each note
>> falls into a different filter and gets fuzzed (ie converted to square 
>> separately? Ideal for the Robert Fripp types.  And so on.
>That almost describes the Roland GR100 module perfectly, except that the 
>fuzz signal paths are combines internally.

I'm thinking that even narrow bandpass filters will grunge up pretty
badly.  Many unpleasant fuzz effects come from minor 3rds, 2nds, minor
2nds, etc., and these are all too common in guitar chord voicings.
I'm sure that prefiltering into multi-fuzzes sounds different, but
I'm guessing that the only a hex pixup will give independent processing.
But then, a "Hex Fuzz simulator" may offer some nice qualities of its

On another topic, if anyone out there is knowledgable about using
Power Macs for recording to disk, I'm looking for some advice for
home studio applications.  I'm considering buying a PM in lieu of
(at least fore awhile) an ADAT.  Feel free to reply directly to me.



Emmanuel Angel
Nuclear Medicine Physics and Instrumentation Group
401 Blockley Hall
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

(215) 662-7214