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Re: Introduction...

Welcome, uncle!

Thats fun. Here in Bahia, it is usual, that anyone calls any known or
unknown person the way he just feels. So kids call me "tio" (uncle), I call
the waiter "master", a girl "beauty", the leader calls his musician "my
king" and mothers call their doughter "mother" and you are even allowed to
call a fat man "fat man". Its really marvelous. There are also people that
simply call everbody "father" and "mother" and do not remember names.

>Echoplex I bought recently (actually spending an unbelievable $1000 for
>an used unit!) has been like the holy grail for Sir Lancelot.

Is it that rare in Europe?!

>I've been playing with a Roland SDE-3000 in 2x mode (well, 6" of
>very-low-quality delay). Dazzling.

Thats how I started, it '85. "Playmate" they called the taping function on
it, but it takes a while to establishes the delayed sound. By then the
rhythm is gone...

Hope to hear more about looping italians...