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Re: echoplex weirdness

>> The input level is a bit sensitive, and it can be tricky to find an 
>> single setting that feeds the input sufficient level without crossing 
>> into occasional clipping.  Kim posted a hardware mod detailing how to
>> upgrade the input circuit; I think it's in the Echoplex FAQ on the web
>> site.
>Have any of you guys tried running a compressor before your looper?  The 
>Dynacomp has served me well for a long time, as has my Behringer Composer
>The Composer (which I bought for about $225 new) is a really nice unit.
>It sounds (when
>properly set) fairly transparent.

This is a smart solution, because outstanding peaks usually do not sound
well in the loop anyway.
Thats why we built that limiter in, but Kim screwed it up ;-) when he
improved the noise. It still works, but it does not limit treble peaks
properly. With avarage sound, it should be ok.
Just try and overload the plex a bit to see!