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loopers meet @namm

a hale & hearty "hey!", o loopiest of folk!
i'm loathe to admit that i've been so lurky, but:
twixt family, life, music & travel, i've been crazed w/busy-ness:

at the moment, i'm looping in japan w/ryuichi sakamoto: (me, rs & dj spooky
are acting as "soloists" in front of rs' 70-piece multi-mediafied 
all the concerts are internet-cast: check the sakamoto website, if ya

wish i could get together w/y'all at this namm shindig!

andre: i hope i didn't cut yer hose w/my letter; i just felt a wee bit
misunderstood, there; never having been an idolater of bobby fripp, every
once in a while i get tired of hearing his name being *equated* w/the art 
looping, ya dig? s'pose it's a tad "small" of me, but.....

s'all for now,
david torn