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Re: the great Beyond.....

Dr Michael:
>"Now I can do all that cool stuff RF does!" So ya loop footswolen chords,
>noodle over the top of it and hey, this sounds like No Pussyfooting!  ...
>"beyond" Fripp,  what I mean is that I'm trying to break out of the
>"ambient soundscape with noodling over the top" and try to approach the
>whole issue differently.

I like this one. After six month looping with footswolen chords and
twingeling textures, I finally one morning (I never play in the morning)
woke up and played a 3 seconds rock kind of riff and it had a solid drive
and I became aware that almost any style can be played like that.

>Hey, just think!  Robert Fripp could be sitting in a room somewhere,
>looking disparingly at his guitar and saying "but how can I go _beyond_
>Michael Peters?"

I like this one even more. Imagine each of us goes beyond each other. Thats
why I apologised some months ago and wanted to correct "beyond" to "beside"
or something.

>Matthias (got the tape yet?)

> _give up your instrument_!  ...  Coming back to it
>afterwards, I went straight into practicing music that was (a) completely
>different to my previous playing (ie rote licks) and (b) compositionally
>nearer to what I wanted to hear.

Yes... I should have payed more atention to that, maybe. Before my one year
trip with only my music, I had a year in which I only played accoustic (not
my thing) sometimes, because I could not stand any more what I did before.
So this might have been important. There have been other things like a Tai
Chi course, experiences with Reiki, Shiatsu... mainly because of a hurting
back, but also because I suddenly lived with a physioterapist and fell in
love with a nurse... so each life is different and its about impossible to
transfer experience... sad...

And yes, I also made that amazing experience that we can improve without
playing the instrument. As if something in the brain arranges itself in the
A friend even told me, that he keeps practicing while driving, by
imaginating the sound and the fingering, and really, it helps!