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Re: slider & pedal for a vortex

On Mon, 20 Jan 1997, James Reynolds wrote:

> >hi all ! i also wonder about my vortex/expression issue. I just got 
>(one of
> >the last) guitar center ones - no problems, it seems - tho' it arrived 
> >"footpedal" or booklet !! are the instructions on line somewhere ?? 
>also - i
> >have a roland EV-10 expression ped. - what do i have to do to set it up 
> >other than plug it in ?? any settings?? 
> i'm in just about the exact same situation as you - snagged the last bay
> area guitar center vortex, no manual or accessories.  i also got a roland
> ev-5 pedal (the one used by John Durant), but it doesn't seem to do 
> by just plugging it in.  what's the trick?

No manual?  Eeek!!  Does someone have a spare they can send James?
I'd hate to have a Vortex with no manual... 

To assign the pedal to a parameter, turn the select knob to the
correct parameter and press the "Tap" button.  Then the pedal will
control that parameter.


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