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Re: RE: Lexicon MXP-1

Both Sound on Sound and EQ (or was it Mix?...I can never keep 'em straight)
have done recent, positive "previews", and the brochure is actually
informative (the one I got from Lex direct included a preset list-a la
Eventide; nice). On paper at least, it seems a price/performance winner, 
surely the audio quality must be serious--"it's a Lex!"--and it needs to be
an M2000 killer. This box has some truly a-typical control and MIDI
functions: a MIDI (not audio) arpeggiator, a/b glide/morph, ADR's and
velocity envelopes that will output MIDI control data.
Among the more intriguing of the 56 fx are Aerosol, Orbits, and Centrifuge 
and 2, plus overdrive(!). Only obvious dissappointments I can see are: only
50 user locations (i'd fill that many in an afternoon), no card slot, and 
LOOPER is MONO! For time-variant massaging of loops made elsewhere, tho, 
pretty attractive.
I do wonder about that "extra internal slot" or whatever it is that I've
heard was built in...
Words to live by: "...when you can't be playing, read product literature, 
least while in body."