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Re: creative isolation

> Paolo:
> >I recently went through a stage where I felt Pat Metheny, the King
> >Crimson players, Allan Holdsworth, John McLaughlin and Fred Frith 
> >don't be offended if I left out the name of your favorite guitarist) 
> >much said everything I ever wanted to say on guitar so I stopped 
>playing the 
> >guitar. I haven't played it seriously in almost a year now.
> That's a shame - just because one hears an eloguent speaker, who 
> your views exactly, it doesn't require one to shut up or learn another
> language because one feels one has nothing to say.  There is a romantic

That was one reason, but it wasn't the only one. I've always wanted to
try other instruments and thus have been turning my attention to those
avenues.  At present, I've become much more interested in rhythm and
texture than "singing through guitar".

Paolo Valladolid
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