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     Hi all,
        I'm new(ish) to this list so my query may be going over old 
        David Torn has cropped up on this list a lot, his stuff sounds 
     interesting, and I'm thinking of buying What means solid Traveller, 
     but call me old fashioned, I would still like to know what Im getting 
     myself into before I part with the cash. I'm a fan of Fripp and 
     strange guitar noises in general but I find some of his Soundscapes 
     very monotonous. 
     Does Torns music have a rhythmic element? 
     Does it sound like real guitar, as opposed to the Mellotron\choir 
     sounds that Fripp uses? 
     Is the music primarily textural or are there lead parts? 
     Are there any accompanying musicians? 
     Is it recorded live or are there overdubs?
        Reply directly if you like...(alan.maguire@mercer.ie)
        Thanks in advance,