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Re: Lexicon Jamman on sale for $199.66 @ Guitar Center

The Dr asks:
>Does anyone know what GC's WWW address is?

Go to http://www.musician.com and follow the links to "our sponsor".
Subtle, huh?

>Do they still have any Vortices _anywhere_?  I'm sure this has been
>answered in the negative recently, but it's best to be sure....

The supply seems to be drying up, yes. I had no luck with the GCs I called
in the SF Bay area and Chicago. However, my brother in Houston managed to
get them to order one for him, so they must have some sitting in a
warehouse somewhere. (He's picking it up today, so we'll see if GC actually
shipped it or if they screwed up.) So you might want to call the North
Houston store and see what they can do for you.

Kurt Revis                                      This world is not my home
krevis@blarg.net                                 I'm just passing through