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Re: Lexicon Jamman on sale for $199.66 @ Guitar Center

> Does anyone know what GC's WWW address is?
> Do they still have any Vortices _anywhere_?  I'm sure this has been
> answered in the negative recently, but it's best to be sure....  I'm due 
> visit N'Orlins in March, and I'd hate to think I missed out on that
> deal....
ONe of the GC's in CHicago was selling Vortex units as 'closeouts' and
'opened' units.  They still had a few as of Friday.

Kevin Simonson                      * AS/400 Application Development Team
University of Illinois-Springfield  * Programmer / Analyst
Computer Science, et al.            * Norwest Mortgage, Inc.
simonson@eagle.uis.edu              * Springfield, IL