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Re: Compressors?

The Man Himself wrote:
> 'Lo folks --
> I'm in the market for a compressor, and was wondering what you could
> recommend.  I'm intending to use it before any processing, and have it in
> mind primarily to even out levels for the Echoplex and to reign in the
> dynamic peaks that result from the EBow, so mono is fine.  I'm also
> interested in messing with compression for its own sake.
> So I'd be interested in hearing what you all recommend.  I've tried the
> famous TC and was mightily impressed, but I can't count on being able to
> find one.  I'm interested in the Alesis NanoCompressor, which is both
> cost-efficient and (by the looks of things) very well-equipped, though I
> haven't tried one yet.
> Any suggestions as far as what items I should check out will be greatly
> appreciated.  Sorry if this taxes the bounds of topicality,
> --Andre

I have an aphex 651 expressor compressor.  This is the best mono
compressor that I have heard for under $400.  Works great with bass and
guitar and everything else.  This is a one space rack unit with balanced