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Re: Digest Version

At 12:00 AM 1/23/97, cking@xsite.net wrote:
>Hello all. I am new to the list. I am receiving all the regular/single
>posts' as well as the "digest" version, however the digest version only 
>one post as well!??????

Well now that's a total mystery. You're definitely not on the digest
subscription list. You get each post twice, from different sources? Can you
forward those to me by private mail, with the headers so I can see it?

I checked out the problem with the archive on the web site that Ed
mentioned, and did find a couple that were screwed up. I think I'm guilty
there; probably was falling asleep while putting them together and
uploading it. If anyone else notices problems there let me know. I'll try
to fix those some day after I dig out from under all the stuff that
everyone on the planet waited til I was away at NAMM to send to me. Not to
mention the fripp orgy y'all had that I haven't even begun to look at...

A couple people who are subscribed to the digest version of the list have
received only half of the last couple issues. I receive those as email just
the same as everyone else, and I got them fine. If anyone else has this
problem, let me know. I'm trying to figure it out now. Also, if anyone has
any idea what might have caused this please speak up!

Also if anyone works at netscape, please tell Marc Andreesen or whoever the
hell it is that you can't just go changing the way email works without
warning the rest of us first. Do they think they're microsoft or something?
(If you're using netscape 4.0, or communicator, be prepared to hear a lot
of complaining about all the html garbage attached to the end of your


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