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Re: radio shack optimus pro x7 monitor speakers

The one thing we all need to remember is the best speakers force us into an
additional problem...car and home stereos, despite quality and capability,
will not sound like the monitors in our studios. That is unless we have the
"real world, worst case" reference speakers in which to "reality check" our
mixes. The Yamaha NS-10M is a prime example. To my ears, they are harsh and
difficult to listen to for an extended period of time, but if you can get a
mix to sound good on these, in ADDITION to your "prized" monitoring system,
you can rest assured that Joe Brown driving down the street will hear your
mix as intended. As an additional note, be aware that frequency limitations
of your monitoring system can be Detrimental to a quality mix. If you can't
hear a frequency that has been boosted or cut, you don't really know what
your final mix sounds like. It could have a low frequency rumble or a high
pitched squeal that you don't know is there....until someone with a better
system listens to your work and tells you. Or worse yet, deposits your 
project in the round file with no comment at all! 

I have not heard the Optimus speakers, maybe I should, but only as a "Real
World" alternative, not as my primary monitoring system. I recommend 
this months Pro Sound News, there is a nice debate on nearfield monitoring!

I welcome you comments