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Re: Jamman with Midi Fade

In a message dated 1/24/97 5:41:30 AM, you wrote:

<<Has anybody tried using the MIDI fade option?  The manual (unclearly)
states that if you stop fading and start recording again the new recording
is at the faded volume. Is that so and if it is, how do you start looping
again at full volume without stopping the loop?  Will Replace cancel the
fade function?>>

If you stop a fade and resume recording the faded loop will cease to fade 
continue to play at the volume it had faded to before you stopped the fade.
 The newly recorded (layered) stuff will be at whatever volume the Jamman 
set up for initially.  A cool trick and one that isn't clearly stated in 
manually is to initiate a fade while in record mode (you have to be working
with a defined loop--that is one that has a start and stop point). Then
anything you play is layered on what's fading and also fades. This is the
same as using echo mode with various (aside from "16"=infinite playback)
feedback settings.--Paul