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RE: If ya liked them records....

> Who else has some recomendations to help us all expand our horizons a
> Hey, here's an idea: The loopography page needs more stuff. Right now
> almost entirely consisting Michael Peter's selections. Now Michael
> certainly has excellent taste, 

very true :)

> but as always, multiple contributions make it better. 
> How about if we all try to think of just one or two recordings
> that made a looping impact on us, write a little review, and forward it
> to Michael to add?

yes, please do, but I think the page for "essential loop recordings" should
only contain recordings which actually use loops or loopy repetitions. For
all the other stuff, we could of course set up another page. If you submit
something, please add infos about the release year so I know where to put

Michael Peters   
private:        100041.247@compuserve.com
work:   mp@harold-scholz.de

(Never pistle while you whee)