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Musicians Friend $199 JamMan (kinda)

Hey Everyone!

Just thought I'd come out of the deep deep shadows to let everyone know
that Musician's Friend, who happen to have a ton of JamMen in stock, will
match the price of any other, including the $199.97 Guitar Center
price....quite neat, i think.

Anyway, maybe i'll throw my intro out soon, but thanks everyone for the
tons of great posts that made me decide to move up from my 2 sec. DD-5 to
the Jamman!

Ryan, [a stick looper]

Ryan Blum          "...to play 'Giant Steps' because you can seems
lowfrqcy@west.net     rediculous to me. I went through that, but
ironwood stick #918     I was 14 years old."      - John Medeski