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RE: Greg's help

Do you expect Lex to support the Jamman that way now ... will you still be
carrying the pedals for awhile?


At 9:18 AM 1/27/97, Hogan, Greg wrote:
>Matthias stated:"
>I really appreciate your extended answeres and kind posts, Greg!
>For products that are out of production, or rather an abandoned product
>line, I find Lexicons position remarkable, or do you do it out of a
>personal interest?"
>Thanks for the kind comments, Matthias.  I take great pride in Lexicons
>products and our history.  You will notice that all of my postings are
>during business hours Eastern Standard Time.  Our official policy is that
>products are supported for at least five years after they were last 
>from our factory. We will always try to be as helpful as possible to 
>who owns any of our products as it's only common sense that if you satisfy
>your past customers they will remain to be future customers.  I try to
>respond in as timely manner as possible and I find it personally
>embarrassing that people are actually surprised when a phone call is
>Best regards,
>Greg Hogan
>Lexicon Customer Service
>Phone 617-280-0372
>FAX 617-280-0499
>email: ghogan@lexicon.com