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Jamman Faxes - was: RE: Musicians Friend $199 JamMan (kinda)

> >I'd like a fax too, for $199 price of Jamman ...
etc etc...

boys, you are going to ruin a good thing very quickly with this.

First of all guitar center will probably not be too keen on sending out a 
fax of a confirmed price for a unit they are blowing out. Once maybe. 
Twice they will get suspicious. three or more they will stop doing it 
entirely and even if they do send out a fax or two they will quickly 
catch on when someone calls them up for the "price" and then no sale 
comes it to them. GC is not known for customer service in the first place. 
get the same sales drone twice trying to do this and they'll stop helping 
you ASAP. even faxing an ad of on of their flyers (without talking to the 
store) may lead to problems.

I have bought stuff from MF and Musician Discount Warehouse a couple 
times and they usually asked me for the phone number and price of the 
place selling them. they then made the call and confirmed the price and 
got back to me. (They never did this with a GC though) When I call up a 
Sam ash or other chain store I usually get a "come in and buy it" routine. 
They have been very relcutant to give prices over the phone let alone via 
fax in writing. That's the way the chains work.

The one shot at doing this may be *if* GC is sold out and still has the 
price advertised. Even then if MF calls them up i wouln't hope for much.

Moral of the story: Perhaps we should be buying the units from GC *if* 
they have them in stock. If they don't and you've got a confrimed price 
get the Phone # and call MF. They will confrim the price for themselves 
and you'll get the deal.


here's the kicker to the plan:

If MF confirms the price for one of you (either via a call or Fax)  
get the store they've confirmed it from and the Rep you spoke with 
at MF. Post it to the list and that way that rep will have the data they 
need and won't need to repeat check (and perhaps "blow it" with GC) This 
might work best as the MF rep will also have some incentive to help you 
because  they'll get a bunch of sales from the Loopers list and will 
hopefully get a bit of commision for their troubles.

Just some ideas so everyone can benefit without losing the opportunity. 
this ;list is small but mighty and if you all cooperate it should work 
and everyone (including the stores) will be satisfied. heh, the buying 
power of loopers speaks...

good luck!

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