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RE: Greg's help

>Thanks for the kind comments, Matthias.  I take great pride in Lexicons
>products and our history.  You will notice that all of my postings are
>during business hours Eastern Standard Time.  Our official policy is that
>products are supported for at least five years after they were last 
>from our factory. We will always try to be as helpful as possible to 
>who owns any of our products as it's only common sense that if you satisfy
>your past customers they will remain to be future customers.  I try to
>respond in as timely manner as possible and I find it personally
>embarrassing that people are actually surprised when a phone call is

This is like "old fashioned quality" if I dare say so. Ethics do not seem
to be in fashion. I hope this policy of LEXICON will be proven to be

I am a great Lexicon fan anyway. I went through PCM42, PCM70, LXP15 and
ended with PCM80 and PCM90 now. And there never was any problem!
The sad thing was that my proposual for a looper back in '88 was not 

Thanks again