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Another new member

Hi, I just joined today. I'm not to clear on the meaning of looping, but I
assume it means either feedback loops or using sampler loops. Either way
I'm interested! :)

I have a question regarding the Roland Space Echo 201. Is there any way I
can mod it so that it will only play the delayed sound, and totally cut out
the clean signal? I set up a loop for our guitarist which consists of:

    |        |____________________<______________________|      |

The problem is that the SE201 lets through some of the clean signal which
means I have to keep the feedback really low or it squeals.

Also, can someone point me in the right direction for some info on the
Lexicon Vortex? I've read some interesting things, but I want pictures and
samples! Is this box available in the UK yet? If so, where, how much, etc.

BTW, I saw Fripp in London a few months ago. He was really cool. He spent
most of his time wandering about the venue; Occasionally he'd get to his
guitar, play a few notes, and then just let the textures just unfold over
another 20 minutes while he'd go back to the bar. :)
fish@ndirect.co.uk  http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~fish
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