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Re: New members

Ed Drake said:
>      Kim , I've noticed a lot of new names popping up on the list lately
>and I'm curious to know how many people are currently subscribed to the
>list. Do you know?

We're now up to 125! Bigger than I thought, but it has been growing
steadily. New people are coming all the time. The web site is up to about
1000 page downloads a week. The best week for the web site was the second
week of January, with 1101 pages downloaded. (that number seems more useful
than total hits, which includes graphics, error messages, etc.) Looper's
has only been alive about 5 months now, so the growth has been pretty
impressive. Especially since I've never really done much to promote it. So
hey, tell a friend....

>Also I was wondering if it would be a good thing to
>compile some sort of general FAQ about the list and or looping with some
>useful links which would be helpful for new members, maybe it could be 
>out with the welcome notice that gets sent to new subscribers . I 'll 
>to compile it and send it to you or Michael Peters to edit, proofread,
>HTML-ize, etc. If you want me to do this let me know, but I'll need
>everyone on the list to help me to figure out what the most FAQs are and
>what or where the answers are.
>Loopily yours  Ed

I think this is a fantastic idea! This whole thing lives by users thinking
up new ideas and jumping in to get them done. I love it, it's made Looper's
a million times better than I could ever do myself. Please go right ahead
and do this, Ed. You have my permission to freely coerce and cojole others
into helping you out too. :-)



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