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Re: Another new member(we ain't dead yet

In reply to me saying:
">It seems that we were unable to generate a lot of interest in these 
>until after we stopped manufacturing them."

neato says:
"why so final???seems like a bigger better mousetrap (looper) may be just
what's needed! seems kind of strange to backout on the eve of what seems to
be the revolution...back to the drawing board boys

                                     all my mistakes were once acts of 

Well I would not give up hope.  The MPX1 does incorporate a looper, 
not the looper everyone is looking for but it shows a sign of us "big 
not abandoning the concept.  The MPX1 also incorporates a number of the 
Vortex algorithms and even more control over morphing.

If you people want to see all of the manufacturers run and create loopers 
will tell you what it will take: Not the esoteric kinds of things that we 
all love to create and listen to because we know what is good, but 
that the great unwashed masses can enjoy as well.  I hate to say it, but 
there are not many artists who are musicians-musicians as well as pop 
 Just look at how many different kinds of distortion pedals have become 
available since the explosion of bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam!

Best regards,